26 Oct Bob Marley – The University of Dance

We sat down with Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Audio Design Experts, Inc. and RIVA, to about his work with Bob Marley and the Wailers. He recalls the magic of Bob Marley and his music’s ability to drive everyone to dance.

“Chris Blackwell is a dear friend and he owned Island Records. Um, he invited me to Jamaica to meet Bob Marley. I became their confidant for audio and sound. And that was in terms of mesiac music for lack of a better term, Bob Marley had that. He had this thing where you could, he would be on stage and he would start and he would start a vamp it would just start and it became this sort of this cultural dance and then the words fit into it, but yet the words were breathless. I mean he wasn’t out of breath yet his movement and you know, his knees were rising and falling and anybody else would be out of breath, but he just delivered that. And there was this pulse and I saw Bob Marley in a way was time and time and time again teach little milk toast white women to dance, find their rhythm. And I saw young girls and boys coming in, who had all the moves from the local pub/TV show and I saw them leave with a sense of themselves and rhythm that they would never dance the same again. And I loved that, I loved to see that you had this instantaneous university of dance just by listening to music whereby you couldn’t do anything but dance.

Rikki Farr
Chairman & Chief Creative Officer