"Unlike a lot of portable speakers, Riva’s Wand series — comprised of the Arena and Festival models — offers stereo sound from a single speaker."

"Riva X's "Turbo" mode option boosts music up to 100 decibels (the bass on this thing is insane), plus it has a +26 hour battery life, and can charge your phone and tablet"
Brittany Talarico / People
“One of the most impressive qualities of the Turbo X is its ability to create clarity in the low end in ways you would not expect a ‘plastic box’ to do”
LA-based record producer Dean Dichoso / Cool Hunting
"...the Riva Audio Turbo X is one of the loudest and best sounding compact Bluetooth speakers available."

8/10/15 / CNET
“The Turbo X is a nice surprise for the ears. It delivers a very balanced sound for almost all styles of music...Riva Turbo X is distinguished by its excellent sound quality and long battery life.”
Francois Bedin / 01Net.com
“The RIVA Turbo X has really impressed me and is the first Bluetooth speaker that I’ve heard that really nails it in terms of stereo separation and clean imaging.”
Ethan Opolion / HeadphoneGuru.com
"Once you pair it up with your source and hit Play – you’re no longer hearing the music, but actually feeling it! I don’t think I can say the same about any other Bluetooth wireless speaker I have tested so far."
Alex Golubchik / Android Forums
“There are a million Bluetooth speakers in the naked city, but damned few of them that sound good from more than 3 feet away”
Dan Tynan / Yahoo Tech
"The Turbo X looks like an ordinary large Bluetooth speaker, but it offers more features and better sound quality than practically anything else on the market."
Brent Butterworth / Mashable
"The ‘Eureka!’ moment came when North handed us a Riva Turbo X that was playing and we discovered that, even when held at not quite arm’s length, the little Riva box still continued to produce uncanny, 3D soundstages."
Chris Martens / HiFi+
"If you’re looking for a portable wireless speaker that doesn’t skimp on sound – in quantity and quality – the RIVA Turbo X is a great choice."
David Brown / Crutchfield
“The Riva Turbo X consistently sounded way better than it’s competition. It had a way of filling the room with sound as opposed to sound limited to a specific area near the speaker."
Sarah Kimmel / Family Tech Zone
"Build quality is exceptional for a portable Bluetooth speaker, with a sturdy metal grille that wraps fully around the speaker, and high-gloss top and bottom plates in either white or black."
Lauren Dragan / soundandvision.com
“…boxy Bluetooth speakers are uninspiring at best, but that’s until we come across this little monster called RIVA Turbo X Bluetooth Mobile Speaker.”
Mike Chua / Mike Shouts
“The Riva Turbo X is one of the best-sounding models I've auditioned this year. It's able to fill a large room with music thanks to three built-in speakers and 45 watts of power.”
John R. Quain / Fox News
“RIVA Turbo X creates a dynamic, live, believable sound no matter where it’s placed, and no matter to which medium it’s connected - computer, tablet, laptop or gaming console”
“When does a Bluetooth speaker cease to be a Bluetooth speaker? Actually, it never does cease to be Bluetooth, but maybe it can cease to sound like Bluetooth. Anyway, that's the idea behind RIVA's Turbo X Bluetooth speaker”
Bill Henderson / The Gadgeteer
“What could be so interesting about yet another Bluetooth speaker, you ask? Mainly, the Turbo X didn't sound like a Bluetooth speaker”
Brent Butterworth / About.com
“At top level, Turbo X will rock the socks off your party guests, and your neighbors will soon be pounding on your door. They will want either to join the fun or have you arrested.”
John Nemerovski / My Mac
"The coolest feature by far, is their custom audio processing techniques, called Trillium Surround .. They’ve actually built in seven distinct drivers, four for bass alone, into the Riva Turbo X."
Greg May / Truly Gadgets
“What I like about these speakers is the reasonable compromise between size and weight, the quality of the sound and the fact that a power plug is optional. I tested them throughout my house and they even held up well outside.”
Larry Magid / San Jose Mercury News
"For one, it has seven drivers in it, which is unparalleled in a portable speaker, wireless or otherwise. This translates into full sound, powerful bass and plenty of detail, not only on music, but also while watching movies in its surround sound mode."
Tom Samiljan / Gear Patrol
"The Turbo X delivers rich bass with surprisingly deep extension, clear midrange that adds realism to vocals and instrumentation, and the kind of treble that high-end home audio speaker manufacturers chase after for years."
Caleb Denison / The Manual
"In terms of its sound, the Riva Turbo X has the most extended (especially in terms of bass), most even-keeled, most audiophile-friendly spectral balance of any portable, battery-powered Bluetooth loudspeaker I've yet heard."
Jude Mansilla / Head-Fi
"The RIVA Turbo X gets my strong recommendation for anyone who is longing for a real high performance portable speaker that is still compact but without having to make any compromises on sound or loudness."
"Yet, the best feature is the sound it produces... wow! Love also the multi-functional features it offers!"
Riva Turbo X
Natalie / Hawaii
"As a guitar player (my favorite being my Gibson Les Paul Studio), sound quality is king when I'm listening to music. Whether I'm listening through headphones, computer speakers, or most recently with the RIVA Turbo X Bluetooth speaker, I look for sound quality first. Apparently RIVA looks for sound quality first also, because this thing sounds incredible."
Riva Turbo X
Lisa / Irvine, CA
"I had heard that the speaker sound was beyond comparison. Fortunately, the reviews I had read were right on this front. I'm really impressed with the sound quality."
Riva Turbo X
Ron / Sunnyvale, CA
"Great product and quality. Very sleek/elegant design, amazing sound quality, and overall great product! Extremely happy with this purchase and can't wait to party it up with it when we have our house warming!"
Riva Turbo X
Kevin / Whittier, CA
"The bass is great, the speakerphone is crystal clear, and having the ability to charge my phone from the Turbo X has been a great feature. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone looking for incredible audio and wants a robust feature set."
Riva Turbo X
Susan / Irvine, CA
"Definitely the best Bluetooth speaker on the market. Sounds amazing this is a MUST BUY."
Riva Turbo X
Taelon / Los Angeles, CA
"we've tried a bunch of wireless home speaker systems and suffice it to say, the major players are all pretty decent, but I just got the Riva Turbo X and we have compared it to the Logitech UE Boom, the Bose Soundlink and even the Sonos 1 (non bluetooth, so a bit different) and there really is no contest."
Riva Turbo X
Blake / San Francisco, CA
"I tested the Riva Turbo with my MacBook Pro, my Lenovo Windows 8.1, my I-pad, I-pod, my Samsung Android phone and as a sound bar for my Samsung smart TV.. The audio quality is superb. The Bluetooth works flawlessly."
Riva Turbo X
Vern / Mission Viejo, CA
"This is the perfect little speaker with a great big sound for my studio! It fills the entire room as if I have surround sound hooked up in every corner of my apartment."
Riva Turbo X
Emma / Orange, California
"This bad boy fulfills all of my techy needs."
Riva Turbo X
Estevan / Yorba Linda, California
"This is by far one of the best investment I have made as far as enjoy listening to music. When (I) turned on the machine I was even more amazed because the sound was absolutely beautiful and powerful. In fact, it is my believe that it's even more superior than the BOSE I had."
Riva Turbo X
Alan / Daly City, CA
"Turbo X has great battery life, sophisticated appearance, and most importantly, powerful and crystal clear sound quality."
Riva Turbo X
Tzu Chun / California
"The audio is amazing at full volume but equally as excellent at normal listening levels. I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone who loves music, movies and more."
Riva Turbo X
Maggie / Laguna Niguel, CA
"Finally and most important, the sound quality is amazing!!! I've listened to this speaker side-by-side against the Bose, Bang and Olufsen and Bowers and Wilkens BT speakers that cost as much as double the price and it blew all of them away in terms of sound separation, bass response and overall sound quality."
Riva Turbo X
Gadget Fanatic
"…this is the best BT speaker on the market."
Riva Turbo X
Omar / Sunnyvale, CA
"When I received it I was immediately impressed at the quality of the Turbo X. Then I heard it ... OMG, every detail clear and true to the music. To this day I am amazed how the Turbo X is genuinely true to the source being played."
Riva Turbo X
Hawaii Lover / Rhode Island
"...the TURBO X goes toe-toe with any full size speaker! For the price point you can't find anything better."
Riva Turbo X
Randy / Oregon
“I compared it to all the Big names Bose mini and Soundlink III, I also bought a Denon Dsb 200 none of these speakers compare to the Riva Turbo X. This speaker is amazing it passed my expectations !!!”
Riva Turbo X
Todd / Pennsylvania
"I love having a portable audio source and have another Bluetooth speaker that I would use but was not thrilled with the experience. I decided to take a listen to the Riva X and I was blown away."
Riva Turbo X
Karin / Arizona
"Bose beware there is a new kid on the block! I fully endorse the Riva Turbo X. It is the best Bluetooth speaker I have. It has well balanced Hi FI sound with no distortion or clipping even at full volume!"
Riva Turbo X
Jeff / Chicago